How to make advertisements freely
Today let's talk about how to make your own advertisements for free. 

Advertising products and services can be achieved for free in a number of ways. It is not necessary to pay a lot of money to advertise when there are so many free opportunities available using traditional advertising and the Internet. Just because advertising is free does not mean it will be difficult to sell your goods or services. The effectiveness of free advertising can be just as good as paid versions, if the advertisement is put in the right place, and the advertisement is clear and easy to understand.
1>. Draft up your advertisement and put it on a postcard or piece of paper. Ensure all the details are on the advertisement in including concise details of what you are selling, the price and your phone number. Providing your address is optional if you want to allow people to visit you to collect the item you are selling.
2>. Notice boards are a good place for placing adverts.
Visit public places such as libraries, shops, supermarkets and other places having notice boards where you can pin your advertisement. Ask the friendly shopkeeper if you can place your advertisement in their shop window. Very often they will let you do this for free, or at least for a very negligible cost.
3>. An article in the paper advertising your business is free.
Ask your local newspaper to an article on your business. If you are recently set up in business or have some other story to tell about your business a write-up will provide you with a form of free advertising
4>. Try free advertising sites. There are sites that will allow you to create a free ad for your products or services. The same rules apply as for traditional advertising in that the advert must provide all the essential details about your goods or services. The benefit of advertising in this way is that you place your advert on specialist areas or sites dedicated to the product or service you are providing.
5>. Place Adsense ads. One form of free advertising that can gain residual income is to place Google Adsense advertisements on your website or blog. It costs nothing to do this, and if you have a popular online presence there is money to be made. You could of course simply place an advertisement of your own on your website.
6>. Join and take part in forums and social network sites. There are many forms on the Internet, possibly one dedicated to the subject of your advertisement. A lot of people use forums and social network sites, so if you have a product or service to sell you can place it on there for free.
7>. Use auction sites. Some auction sites will not charge you to place your item on their website for sale. This way you will also receive a number of bids and you may even get a higher price than you originally imagined.

These 7 points are just for your references. Hope these can help you. Maybe you have other ad ideas. More info, pls view Zhengdian Company website:
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