How many advertising & marketing tools do you know?
Advertising & marketing tools maybe is the most important factor that effect one company's sale. So do you know the following ad tools?
Marketing and advertising your products and services effectively to your key audience can be a competitive advantage for your company. Whether you stick with traditional, print-based marketing tools like direct mailings and print advertisements or you focus on digital marketing tools like social media and mobile, marketing and advertising can help you capture your customers' attention, leading to more sales and higher profits.
Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing is when you advertise your brand on social media sites like Twitter, Foursquare and Facebook. There are plenty of ways you can use social media as a marketing tool. One way is to develop a social sweepstakes or contest. For example, if you sell a weight-loss supplement, create a contest that rewards people for losing weight. Create a "fan" page on Facebook, and promote your contest through Twitter and YouTube.
Event Marketing
Event marketing is another tool you can use to market your business. Go online and search for seminars, conferences and trade shows in your area. Type in the name of your city or state plus one of the aforementioned key words along with your industry. For example, "health care conferences in Detroit, Michigan." Write down a list of events you are interested in, and contact the event organizers and ask if you can speak at the event or set up a booth or table.
Referrals are a marketing tool in which you leverage your existing contacts to help you market your product or service. Contact your friends, family and business acquaintances, and ask if they will help you spread the word about your business. Make it easy for them -- draft an email, letter or telephone script they can use to talk to their friends about your company. Provide an incentive, such as a discount on your product or service to anyone who refers a customer to you.
Print Ads
Print advertisements are marketing tools you develop for newspapers, magazines and trade publications to promote your product or service. Identify several print publications that your target customers read. Fore example, if you know your target customers are older professionals who are in the upper-middle class category and are interested in financial topics, advertise in the "Financial Times" or "Wall Street Journal" to appeal to this key audience.
Broadcast Ads
Broadcast advertisements are marketing tools you develop for broadcast channels like television and radio. Again, identify a television or radio station that aligns with your target market, and create a television or radio commercial.
Online Advertising
Online advertising, also known as "display advertising," is a tool you can use to place ads on millions of websites. Partner with large ad networks that have the purchasing power to buy most of the space available on publisher websites, such as Google, Yahoo! and AOL. You can customize your ads by geographic, customer preferences and categories, making this a highly targeted marketing tool.
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