A-Frame sidewalk boards, making your business booming
How much do you know A-frame sidewalk board? Do you want to have DIY to make your own design? The follows are some tips.
An A-frame sidewalk board is a form of advertisement similar to a billboard. This type of sign is set in front of a business. It allows walking passers-by to see what you have to offer by having a design and information on the front and back of the board. 
1>. Measure the sheet of MDF to the width and height for one side of the A-frame sign. Make cut marks on the MDF with the pencil. Cut the MDF to the required size with the circular saw. Repeat this step to cut the other side of the sign.
2>. Measure 2 inches down from the center of each board. Draw a 1-inch by 4-inch square onto both pieces of MDF. Drill a small hole at each corner of the square with the power drill. Cut in between each of the holes with the jigsaw. These will be the handles for the sign.
3>. Lay the two cut pieces of MDF side by side on the floor with the finished side down. The holes for the handles need to be together.
4>. Position the piano hinge so that it overlaps each piece of MDF. Secure the piano hinge to the MDF with screws.
5>. Set the two boards upright at an angle close to 30 degrees. Measure the distance between the two MDF pieces and then cut two lengths of plumbing chain to match.
6>. Secure each end of the plumbing chain to each side of the sign with screws, which will keep the sign at the required size when it is set in place.
7>. Paint the front and back of the sign with a design. Include whatever information you want to convey to passers-by. A graphic can also be glued to each side of the sign.
These are just some simple guidence. More info about A-frame sidewalk board, you can view
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