How to effetivly advertise your goods when Christmas is coming
Christmas Day is a big and grand festival around the world. It's important how to attract your customers on Christmas Day. The follows are some Christmas ideas.
Advertising gift certificates works for businesses that rely on Christmas to meet their sales goals as well as for companies that don’t see much traffic during the holidays. The key is to advertise how the gift certificate makes a great Christmas gift. For example, if you own a salon, mention that people want to look their best at the holidays, so scheduling a hair cut or manicure makes sense. Add on a promotional coupon, such as “for each $25 gift certificate you buy, get $5 to pamper yourself during the holidays.” If you own a car wash, advertise beautifully wrapped rolls of tokens as a practical and useful gift to give to a man who loves taking care of his vehicle.
Join up with a nonprofit organization and co-sponsor a promotion in which each time your customers make purchases during the Christmas shopping season, part of the purchase price goes to the charity. Advertise the deal in print, via email marketing campaigns and on your social media pages. Encourage the nonprofit organization to advertise the promotion to its donors, followers and volunteers, as this promotes your business to new shoppers.
Plan and advertise an event that draws children and their parents. Offer photos with Santa, an on-site Christmas coloring contest or a kids’ workshop to make a simple hand-crafted gift -- meanwhile, the parents shop. This works for all kinds of businesses, not just traditional department stores. Place advertisements in your local paper or any publications related to parenting. Hand out and mail flyers a few weeks before the event. Highlight the fun event on your website and use social media to create interest.
Find a fun way to incorporate traditional Christmas images into your ads so they grab attention and cause the reader to linger for a few seconds. Make the ads even more appealing by offering a coupon or discount good through Christmas. For example, if you sell pizza, decorate a triangular slice of pizza with pepperoni or cherry tomatoes and strips of basil so the pizza looks like a decorated tree. Add a piece of sliced jalapeno or a star cut out of a vegetable for the top. Then, photograph the decorated slice and use it in your ads, flyers, postcards and promotional pieces to suggest that pizza makes a fun, easy meal to enjoy during the busy holiday season.
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