How to erase neon inks from neon led writing board
Neon dry-erase markers makes our life colorful and interesting, but it is a big problem that how to erase the inks from neon led writing board, windows, plastic, whiteboard etc. The follows are some suggestions.
Neon inks are vibrantly colored dry-erase markers that can be used to write and draw on whiteboards, glass surfaces, windows, plastic, windshields, mirrors and more. If a surface is nonporous, you can write on it with a dry-erase marker. Usually, a dry-marker eraser will remove any marks made by neon inks but, sometimes, faint marks, or ghosting, may be left behind. That's when you need other options.
1. Erase neon ink marks from whiteboards and other nonporous surfaces with a felt dry eraser. Dry erasers are designed to clean these surfaces. Some dry-erase markers clean up more easily, depending on the surface on which they were used, than others. If a dry eraser fails to remove all the marks, there are other cleaning methods you can try.
2. Clean neon ink marks off a marker board, mirror, windshield, file drawer, or glass or acrylic desk pad with a spray-on window-cleaning product. Marker-board cleaning solutions should also clean neon ink markings off these surfaces. Marker-board cleaners are available online and in office supply and retail stores.    
3. Remove neon ink marks from plastic containers by putting dishwasher-safe containers through the dishwasher. You can also try soap, water and paper towels, or rubbing alcohol and a soft, clean cloth, on non-dishwasher-safe containers.
4. Heavy-duty cleaners, followed by soap and water, can get rid of tough neon ink marks. Wipe off really tough neon ink marks using a cotton swab and nail polish remover. Then wash the area with soap and water or a commercial marker-board cleaning solution to remove any nail polish remover residue.
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