Some cautions when you are use led writing board
Neon led writing board products are more and more popular in the world. You can see flashing neon led writing board wherever you are in streets, stores or shops etc.
As the led writing board is widely used in the world, there may appear a few problems, like the power adaptor, the acrylic writing panel, the led strip etc. Actually nearly all products are passed quality control before they are delivered. While you know internaiton trade at the same time means long and distant transportation. Long transportation shaking and courier improper handling are the main causes.
There is an old saying in China: good stuff is not cheap, cheap goods is not good! Customers not only need to consider the price, but also the quality of led writing board.
Below are some tips that how to wipe your boards more clearly:
1. First wet the soft cloth and have a general wipe. Most marker pen ink will be wiped off.
2. Connect the power and wipe the board again with a clean cloth
3. Last wipe neon led writing board again with a soft tissue.
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