How to use fluorescent marker pen of led writing board
It's important for led writing board to write or draw your advertising ideas. But how to write a good-looking ad words on led writing board? The follows are some of my suggestions.
1. You have better to wear gloves before drawing. In this way, your finger traces may not be left on the acrylic panel.
2. For the first time use, you need to shake the pen some times and then press the tip for a few seconds and times.
3. Write slowly and you can have a good control of the ink. After the ink dried, try not to besmear again.
4. The ink will dry more easily especially in a hot place. So try to avoid the fan and hot environment. And you need to cap the pen after your drawing is done. 
Here just some tips for how to use led writing board marker pen. If you have more good ideas, welcome to have a share. More info, pls view our another article
how to use led writing board marker pen
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