Christmas Marketing Ideas
Marketing your business during the Christmas season is important, and the methods you use to attract more business could mean the difference between a good year and a bad year overall. Christmas is a time of the year when people are conducting more business than usual because they want to get as much revenue in by the end of the year as possible, or because it is the busiest shopping season of the year and they want to help their business show a profit. 
Get an Early Start
People start asking about Christmas and making Christmas gift lists in the weeks between Halloween and Thanksgiving, and that is when you need to have your holiday displays up and your promotions on your website. It is sometimes said that retailers and other businesses start Christmas too soon, but all these businesses are doing is catering to the shopping patterns shown by consumers. Do not wait until it is politically correct to start promoting Christmas sales; do it when the shoppers are looking for those first deals of the season.
Know Your Customers
At Christmas time, gift buying is on your customers' minds, so offer them practical and targeted information to better your chances for increasing your holiday sales. If you have a large base of government customers, you know that many of them need to spend their budget by the end of the year or else they will lose that money. Then the Christmas season is a good time to send them reminder cards about your holiday promotions. The information you have collected on your customers throughout the year becomes important when you develop Christmas marketing plans. If you notice that you sell a great deal of toys to parents of younger children, then you need to remind those parents that they can do their Christmas shopping at your store.
Holiday Specials
Use holiday gifts as an incentive to get people to do their shopping with your company. For example, offer a free ceramic Christmas carousel to customers who purchase $100 or more worth of products from your business. You could also use financial incentives such as a percentage discount for customers who purchase more than a certain amount of product.

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