How to Promote Your Goods on Holiday
How to attract larger quantity of customers on holidays? How to develope a promotional campaign aimed at attracting holiday shoppers? The follows are some ideas.
A Community Event
Around the holidays, communities often put on special holiday events like parades, picnics or holiday plays. A terrific way to engender good feelings for your business (which often translates to more customers) is to sponsor such an event. You may also want to enter a float in a parade or donate items to a picnic. You may also want to start a holiday event in your community if one doesn't exist. You can use this sponsorship in promotional materials, commercials and as a part of the event itself.
A Holiday Giveaway
Since many stores or business will develop advertising materials that promote an upcoming holiday sale, it is important that you develop a holiday sale marketing approach that will best your competition. One way to do this is to have an added benefit for purchasing your products, such as a holiday giveaway or contest. For example, you may want to place a large Easter basket in the center of your store filled with products you sell as a giveaway. Or you may wish to hang a giant Christmas stocking in your store with toys or other items inside. Customers can then enter to win the holiday giveaway item (or items) you're offering. Use an image of your giveaway prize on the front of advertisements and flyers to help bring customers to your business.
A Moving Display
For a display that is truly unique, think about creating a live action display. An animated display can use animatronics or a large train set running around a Christmas tree where products from your store are wrapped in clear boxes or are being played with by children (mannequins). Another idea is to use animated or live reenactments of a Christmas story or play like the Nutcracker. Take photos of this display for use in your marketing materials to help draw attention to your products and services as well as connect it in the minds of potential customers with your business. For instance, for a Christmas promotional campaign you may want to create a montage of images that represent recognizable Christmas related themes with animated or mechanical items as the centerpiece of your display.

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