How to Effectively Promote Your Restaurant
There are inexpensive ways to promote a restaurant. Advertising your restaurant may at times seem unaffordable, but the fact is you can't afford not to. Many advertising methods are quite expensive when weighed against the rate of return on your investment. To effectively promote your business, you have to develop unique and creative ideas that provide a big return without breaking your budget.
1. Eat at the restaurants run by your competition. You'll never know where you stand in your market if you don't keep tabs on the other guy. Knowing their strengths and weaknesses will help you create effective marketing tactics that promote your strengths.
2. Introduce your restaurant to potential customers by offering samples of one of your products. Choose an item that is a good representation of your menu and that is easily transported. Then designate one day a week to take a free sample of your product to a local business in your service area along with menu flyers or in-store coupons.
3. Contact your local school administrators and present a program to provide school lunches during field trips. Select two different meals to give them a choice, but ensure both are healthy and can easily be prepared for a large group. Price them so that you create an affordable option for the kids when they're away from the cafeteria. Be sure to include flyers and coupons upon delivery, but more importantly, take the opportunity to get to know the staff and parents from the school.
4. Designate early bird dining hours and give out special identification cards to seniors offering a discount on their bill when they dine during those hours. Have them register with a name and address to get the special card, as that will give you information for building a mailing list for future promotions.
5. Give customers a coupon for a free dessert or discount on a meal as they pay their bill. Make the offer good for their next visit to help build repeat business.

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