How to Capture Ad LED Writing Board Market
Nowadays led writing board is becoming more and more popular in the world advertising market. There is no doubt that it is booming. But how to capture your local potential ad market? Today let's learn some basic info about led writing board.
Led writing board is a new advertising product with flashing and glowing effect. You can easily write anything on the board with fluorescent marker pen and wipe off them with soft cloth and tissue.
It is specially intended for short-term announcements. Produced with an ultra rigid acrylic surface, it is easy to write-on and wipe-off and can be used over a long period. Fluorescent effect, easy writing and erasing, weather resistance with operating temperature between 40-70 degrees, stylish and strong design, 10 years long life span, energy conservation etc.
It is widely used in supermarket, shops, bars, malls, bookstore, schools, night clubs, entertainment places, indoor show, window display and so on. 
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