2015 Nepal earthquake: Zhengdian Company blessed and fundraised for victims
At 14:11 of April 25, 2015, an 8.1 magnitude earthquake was occured in Nepal. 7903 persons were killed and 16390 were injured. The earthquake was too sudden and totally broke people's daily life.

April 25 was unforgettable for Miss Tina. At that day, she was visiting our factory. Afer gotting the earthquake news of her motherland, she firstly contacted her families and friends, but no any reply. She was in deep panic and sorrow.
We Zhengdian Company also felt so sorry and helped her book the return ticket. At the same time, all staffs of our company blessed and fundraised for victims.

In order to support the relay of love and help more victims, our Ellsen/Zhengdian Company decided that from  Apr. 25th 2015 to Aug. 1st 2015, 1% of each order will be donated for Nepal post-earthquake reconstruction.  More info , pls view and

When disaster struck, help came from all sides. We believe every kind-hearted and caring individuals will actively join the donation and rescue activities of Nepal earthquake. Pray for Nepal, help Nepal, join us.
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