What's the Advantage of LED Writing Board 1?
These LED writing board feature various flashing effects that are sure to attract the attention of passersby. The flashing pattern as well as the displayed colors can be cycled with these restaurant signs. Can these LED marker board be hung in a window? These illuminated displays could be hung on any glass surface with the use of some simple suction cups. All of the LED writing boards sold here include wall screws and anchors as well as nylon rope to hang from the overhead. Use these flashing write-on signs as an advertising medium in a restaurant or nightclub. Bar owners choose these LED writing boards to announce live bands appearing throughout the week, or to list the featured drink specials. The framing on these advertising signs are solid metal with a black painted finish.Choose one of these restaurants signs today for your café or coffee shop. More info, you can also view this:  what is led writing board?

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