What is the Advantage of LED Writing Board 2?
These LED writing board are the ideal neon board for growing revenue and customer base. This illuminated restaurant sign is a great way to customize advertising messages for your store, hotel, casino lounge or other business. These LED writing boards feature a clear acrylic covering that is easily cleaned. Use a wet-erase marker to create your own customized fluorescent board. These LED writing boards, also known as an advertising signs, feature small lights running the perimeter of the black frame. When this illuminated signage is turned on, these lights make your graphics glow, as if under a black light. There are thirteen different settings on these LED writing boards to create a custom window display. With the simple push of a button the user can change the flashing pattern. These LED A Frame Sign also have the capability to be illuminated with no blinking lights. These illuminated menu signs will certainly attract attention of patrons. These LED writing boards look best in dimly lit settings such as bars, night clubs and restaurants. The lighting technology in these menu displays is quite advanced. These LED writing boards feature bright, equally distributed lighting so that even the center of the unit is bright. There are no hot and cold spots on any of these restaurant menu displays. Additionally, with these LED writing boards there is never any need to worry about light bulbs being blown. The technology on these menu signs uses diodes as the primary source of light.

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