Method of removing erase marker ink from A frame sign white board
With the rapid development of global advertising tool market, A frame sign board is more and more popular around the world. and wet earser marker is a necessary part. but how to clean the marker ink from A frame signs? Pls see the follow tips.
Wet erase markers are commonly used to write on transparency sheets for overhead projectors and on A frame sign boards. The advantage over dry-erase boards is that they don't erase if you accidentally rub against the white board. The markers can only be removed from nonporous surfaces. If you get the ink on your clothes, you have to remove it as you would any other ink stain.
1>. Wet a clean cloth with wate and wring out as much water as possible. This makes ink removal less messy.
2>. Rub the cloth over the wet erase markings until they are gone.
3>. Dry the A frame sign white board with another clean cloth.
So a clean and bright A frame sign board is born. More inf about A frame sign board, pls view 
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