Dry erase board eraser cleaning method
If you want to advertise your goods on led dry erase board, you must need fluorescent marker pen. Right? While there is a big problem that after drawing&writing is done, how to clean the dry erase board eraser more effectively? And today let's Zhengdian give some tips.

Dry erase board erasers are a little different to clean than normal chalk erasers. This is because dry board erasers absorb marker ink, which is a liquid instead of the chalk, which is a powder. Ink needs to be washed and scrubbed away, so you are going to need water. There are a variety of ways to do this utilizing items found around the home. Once you clean your erasers, they need time to dry before you can use them again.
1>. Take your dry erase board erasers outside and turn on your garden hose. Spray the erasers directly. The power from the hose removes all of the marker, even in the cracks of the eraser. Let the eraser sit in the sun to dry.
2>. Fill a dish pan half way up with 1 teaspoon of dish soap and hot water. Place the eraser in the dish pan and let soak for 20 minutes. Rinse under running water and all of the marker will come out. Set in the sun to dry.
3>. Place a line of toothpaste across the bottom of the eraser. Scrub the toothpaste in with a wet cloth. Rinse clean under a running faucet. Dry in the sun.
4>. Wet a few paper towels and press them up against the bottom of the eraser. Let the paper towels absorb the ink. Throw the paper towels away after each use. This method of cleaning is best done in between big cleanings.

These four points are a brief guide for how to clean dry erase board eraser. More products and FAQ, pls view Zhengdian official website .
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