Fluorescent marker pen makes your name flashing
The follows are how to use fluorescent marker pen to write you name on led writing board

1. Clean an illuminating sign board with a moist cloth so that the surface is clear of any dust or markings. Allow the sign board to dry completely before adding more writing to the surface.
2. Shake fluorescent neon markers so that the ink is mixed thoroughly before writing. This will also help to prevent ink clumps from surfacing on the sign board when you are writing your name.
3. Use the fluorescent neon markers to write your name on the surface of the illuminating sign board. Be as creative as you desire with the style and size of your writing, but make sure that the name will be legible for others to read on the sign.
4. Illuminate the board by connecting its backlight to power so the neon name is highlighted on the board. If the board is just a piece of glass, light it from behind with a separate light source.
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