How to Make a Magnetic Writing Board
Dry erase boards have become increasingly popular since the 1980s because of their hypoallergenic and environment-friendly properties. They are safe for people who are sensitive to chalk dust, and they don't produce paper waste. Organize your work space with a custom dry erase board. With magnetic backing, you can hang it just about anywhere.
1>. Use a ruler to measure a piece of magnetic sheet to the size you want the writing board to be. Draw the perimeter of the board in permanent marker.
2>. Lay the magnetic sheet on a piece of cardboard. Use a box cutter to cut out the shape of the board as you press down firmly on the sheet with one hand. This is ideal because a pair of scissors would be more attracted to the magnet than a box cutter used this way.
3>. Trace the magnetic board onto a piece of dry erase wallpaper using a pencil. This is the writing surface of the board. Cut out the wallpaper with a pair of scissors.
4>. Apply thin, double-sided adhesive tape to the surface of the magnetic board, around the perimeter. Lay the wallpaper on top of the adhesive and smooth it in place.
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