How to become a neon led writing board distributor
Light emitting diodes, or LEDs, are a popular choice for advertising signage because the display can be changed up to offer a variety of slogans and up-to-date information. However, just because a company makes neon led writing board, that doesn't mean that company also wants to market the product and travel around to make sales. 

1>. Contact an neon led writing board manufacturer and inform the manufacturer that you would like to become a distributor. These businesses are always looking to expand by getting more people to push their products.
2>. Submit your information to the company so that the sign manufacturer can evaluate if you're a good investment for a distributor. You need to submit your work experience and history (sales is always a plus), your business information, your tax information, and you need to answer any specific questions that the manufacturer asks you so that it can make an informed decision.
3>. Sign a business agreement with the neon led writing board manufacturer. If the business decides to make you a distributor, then you need to read over the agreement. If it's acceptable to you, sign the paperwork. The contract makes you an official neon led writing board distributor for the company.
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