Light modes of Zhengdian led writing boards
Zhengdian led writing boards is also called led writing message board. You just write ad words or draw relative goods images by using fluorescet led writing board marker pen. Then connect the power and the acrylic writing panel will be flashing and shining! The ad led writing boards is a key tool to achieve the purpose of attracting the customers' eyeballs. 
How many kinds of light patterns are there and how does it change? Go with me and let Zhengdian tell you.
There are mainly 4 flashing patterns towards Zhengdian led writing boards. 
1>. The most of Zhengdian products, like model T4, T5, L4, L5, T6, T2, T21 etc, have 18 kinds of flashing modes without using remote controller, but have 90 kinds of flashing modes with remote controller.
2>. Model T3 kids drawing board has 36 kinds of flashing modes
3>. Model M3 hand-holding board for fas&voters has 16 kinds of flashing modes.
4>. Model T1 is single color light mode, only white color, but if you need other color, it's ok.
The above is a brief introduction of Zhengdian led writing boards flashing modes. More details, you can view 
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