R&D Center
R & D department is the core business areas of Zhengdian company's technology competitiveness.The main task of the department is to improve the market competitiveness of enterprises by use of the technical means and ensure the healthy and long-term development of the company.

Precise instruments
The precision instruments help engineers achieve technological innovation better, following is some of the precision instruments: Function Generator, Oscilloscope, Spectrum Analyzer, Programmable Power, Infrared Imager.

Function Generator


Spectrum Analyzer

Programmable Power

Digital multimeter

Multi Channel Programmable DC power supply

Infrared Imager

Infrared Thermometer

Intensity Tester

The Multimeter

Handheld oscilloscope

High pressure differential probe

We have been working hard and moving forward!
One of the most valuable assets of Zhengdian is the excellent researchers and engineers of our team. In Zhengdian R&D department, more than a quarter of employees are committed to create new and unique technology for the future,and create a new market trend by the innovative design concepts. The following is our engineers working pictures:
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